Paul Nicklen's Pasta Recipe: Pistachio Penne Pasta

"Paul Nicklen is bringing green ideology to the masses—naturally, his favorite pasta’s green, too. Learn how to make Paul Nicklen’s Pistachio Pesto Penne from Episode 9 of While the Water Boils.

Have you ever made a pistachio pesto pasta sauce before? Let us show you how to get it right. You just need a few classic Italian ingredients for this pesto recipe: Romano and parmigiano cheese, garlic, fresh basil, Italian parsley, oregano, some ice cubes, and pistachios of course! Grind all these ingredients together with extra virgin olive oil and it's nearly complete.

What else does Paul Nicklen's pasta recipe call for? More goodness from our environment: specifically, cherry tomatoes. These fresh pasta essentials pair well with al dente penne to make a green dish so good, you'll want to try out your photography skills on it. Maybe your picture won't go viral, but you'll get a taste of Paul Nicklen's passion for photography, and our passion for pasta too.
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