While the Water Boils: Season Three Outtakes

"Even more fun and games (and pasta!) with Hannah Hart, Paul Pierce, Grace Byers, and Paul Nicklen behind the scenes on While the Water Boils.

Watch out for Paul Pierce's spit take! Hannah was as surprised as we were. Don't worry though. Hannah actually scored with Paul's Truth Sauce and linguine pasta. Watch Episode 7 to find out how and to learn more about Paul's passion for bowling after his basketball career.

Paul Nicklen and Hannah Hart debate which sea lion is using the other as a pillow at the wildlife rehabilitation center. Only before crafting a green pistachio pesto pasta with penne noodles though. Catch Episode 9 for more conservation and environmental photography from Paul Nicklen.

In the middle of their intense card game, Hannah and Grace Byers pause to reflect on the serious look the Queen of Hearts is giving everyone. Not long after, it's time to head to the kitchen for Grace's spicy seafood spaghetti, a pasta recipe which calls for freshly roasted red peppers. For more fun and games with Grace Byers, look to Episode 8 of While the Water Boils"