Wild Mushrooms and Shellfish Spaghetti Pasta Recipe Video

This Italian recipe for spaghetti with wild mushrooms and shellfish is the perfect way to give a nod to World Pasta Day. In Italy, this dish is called "Mari e Monti," which means "seas and hills." When you see the amount of shrimp, mushrooms, and authentic spaghetti pasta in the pan, you'll understand why! There's no better pasta dish to celebrate World Pasta Day, or any day of the week.

Watch Barilla America Executive Chef Lorenzo Boni whip up this delicious Mediterranean feast in this pasta recipe video.

It all begins with "al dente" spaghetti noodles and only gets better from there. Get some garlic and red pepper flakes going in a hot pan with fresh olive oil. Add in a handful - or more - of your favorite wild mushrooms, stirring occasionally. Next come the clams and mussels. When they've begun to open up, it's time to add in the spaghetti once again so it can pick up the flavors of the sea and balance the pasta dish. Be careful stirring this pasta, especially once the shrimp go into the pan! After the pasta sauce has begun to boil and simmer for a good while, top with fresh parsley and olive oil.

It really can be that simple! Dinner is served on World Pasta Day. For a whole host of other seafood pasta recipes, check out Barilla's website. For those not so inclined toward the ocean's bounty, there are plenty of other spaghetti recipes available to inspire your World Pasta Day celebration.
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